Shear Plate Technical Information

Technical Design Information

Portland Bolt does not employ engineers or architects and due to liability issues, we are not in a position to provide technical assistance as to which timber connectors should be used for a specific application. According to ASTM D5933, the use of these shear plates is covered in the National Design Specification for Wood Construction available from the American Wood Council. Appendix K of the NDS contains information regarding the size of flat washer to be used with the bolt and nut when used in conjunction with shear plates.

ASTM Specifications Covering Shear Plates

D5933 Standard specification for 2-5/8” and 4” diameter metal shear plates for use in wood constructions.

  • This specification covers the dimensions and the materials for manufacturing shear plate timber connectors.
A47 Grade 32510 Specification for Ferritic Malleable Iron Castings

  • This specification covers ferretic malleable castings for general engineering usage. Grade 32510 identifies the strength of the castings where the first three digits designate the minimum yield strength (x100 psi) and the last two digits indicate the minimum elongation (% in 2 inches).
A153 Specification for Zinc Coating (Hot-Dip) on Iron and Steel Hardware

  • Both 2-5/8” and 4” shear plates are available in plain (black) finish and in a hot-dip galvanized finished.
A570 Withdrawn Specification for steel sheet and strip, carbon, hot-rolled

  • This standard specification for steel sheet and strip, carbon, hot-rolled was withdrawn in 2000. However, ASTM D5933 still references this specification as it related to 2-5/8” pressed steel shear plates.